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- BERLIN 2014 -

Berlin, Germany (October 2014)


Autumn in Berlin became just a little warmer, sunnier and ‘oranger’ after the arrival of 32 enthusiasts. Generously, the Berlin Choir Association provided a splendid rehearsing place but soon enough some wonderfully arranged folksongs and Ave Marias were to be heard far outside these 4 walls in spontaneous outbursts of Revoicers whilst exploring the city and nightlife in Berlin. Einfach wunderbar!


REVOICE! made its German premier, with a concert at the Parochialkirche, Berlin, on October 5th at 15:00.  

We are very grateful for the generous help and support we have received from the Berlin Choir Association in realizing this project!


The theme for this autumn concert is Ave Maria.  We sang many different and beautiful Ave Maria settings: by Rachmaninov, Pärt, Javier Busto, Lauridsen and Orban, as well as wonderful folksong settings from different countries.  





























































































Poster made by

Romane Armand!

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