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- MILANO 2015 -





Milan, Italy  (May 2015)




‘Feeding the planet’ is the EXPO theme and the organizers rightly understood that souls have to be fed also so Revoice! were invited to share the joy of music. Unfinished concert halls and last-minute changes were not a problem when La Fabbrica del Canto and Feniarco came to the rescue with Francesco Leonardi becoming our local hero. Grazie ancora! Maestro Alessandro Cadario lead exclusive arrangements of summer hits and EXPO-visitors rejoiced and sang along




REVOICE! has been invited to represent Europe at the World EXPO in Milan, in May 2015!

This is a collaboration between REVOICE! and our musical mama and papa, EuroChoir, a project of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat.  We couldn't be more pleased and honored!


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REVOICE! - Eurochoir at Expo in Milan

The Universal Expo will open its doors in Milan on May 1st, and we are proud to announce that some days later, a special group of singers from REVOICE!, the alumni choir of the Eurochoir (a project of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat), will be performing there on the Day of Europe

Picking up the theme of the Expo “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, IFCM, Feniarco and Associazione Musicale Jubilate have developed the project “Feeding Souls, Thanking for Food” dedicated to choral music. The project will consist of two threads, a concert season for the Italian pavilion, presenting 24 choirs from the different regions of Italy, and a series of international concerts bringing to Milan choral music from as many foreign Countries as possible. While June 2nd is a special day for the Italian Pavilion with the celebrations for the anniversary of the Italian republic, May 9th as Day of Europe will present REVOICE! – Eurochoir as special guest.

38 singers of previous Eurochoir sessions will be selected for this special project, and they will present a diverse European programme including a first performance of new work by Gunnar Eriksson, a song of peace composed on the basis of folksongs from different countries, woven together with the Hymn of Europe. The choir will sing during the first part of the concert under the direction of the 5 REVOICE! Conductors Fabien Aubé (FR), Balázs Porcsalmy (HU), Lucia Bérešová (SK/ES), Taum Karni (IL) and Xavier García Cardona (ES), while the second part of the concert will be conducted by Alessandro Cadario (IT).









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