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- PECS 2015 -



Pécs, Hungary (July 2015)


3000 people, Hung(a)ry for singing, met in Pécs to share the joy of choral music. Amongst them were 26 Revoicers returning to the place the ensemble was first conceived. The shared concert with VoiSingers proved so popular that two performances were required to give everyone the opportunity to come and enjoy. So, don’t miss out and come and hear the magic of Revoice! for yourself




EUROPA CANTAT is an international singing festival at which you can join more than 3000 singers and conductors, composers and choral managers from all parts of Europe and beyond. EUROPA CANTAT warmly invites all who enjoy singing, from beginners to advanced singers, both choirs and individuals. At EUROPA CANTAT there is no competing, but purely the pleasure of meeting one another and singing together, learning new repertoire and techniques, and working with leading conductors from all over the world. Also EUROPA CANTAT offers many opportunities to learn – from experts and from your peers, about singing, conducting, composing, organising and much more.



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